Our Company

Built on a foundation of experience spanning over 40 years in various aspects of building construction, real estate development, and the property insurance claims industry, Arthur G. Sarcione founded his own consulting firm with his two sons Jeff Sarcione and Mark Sarcione in October of 2004. Prior to this endeavor, Jeff worked as a building consultant since 1999 for JS Held, Inc. in the New England branch office which Arthur opened in 1994.  Mark Sarcione has been actively part of the team since our doors opened as Sarcione & Associates, Inc.  Being considered one of the top leaders in property loss consulting, Arthur is respected widely throughout the industry for his honesty, hard work ethic, and broad knowledge in all facets of building damage and the claims process and has proved to be a valuable asset to our clients.

Over the course of many years we have worked with numerous global and local property insurance companies, independent adjusters, structural, mechanical and environmental engineers, law firms, and city departments.


Sarcione & Associates provide estimates in all phases of commercial and residential building losses for the insurance claims industry. We handle everything from very small property claims to multi-million dollar losses caused by any type of catastrophe. Our expertise allows us to provide a range of services such as stick estimating, replacement cost values, ACV analysis, segregated cost approach, engineering coordination, etc.  We are able to provide a scope for property damages from old New England historic homes and buildings, to high-end residences, office buildings, churches, and various commercial buildings.

Although we are located in the Boston area of New England, we have worked throughout the United States, Canada, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.  Below is a list of our services offered.

Repair Cost Estimating

Replacement Cost Appraisal

CAT Claims

Engineering Coordination

Actual Cash Value Analysis

Loss Value Dispute Resolution for Appraisal and Reference proceedings:

Umpire and Appraiser for the Appraisal Process

3rd Referee (Umpire) Reference Proceedings (Massachusetts only)

Arbitrator for Arbitration Proceedings

In the event of a dispute in Loss Value pursuant to the policy of insurance, we have the expertise to represent our clients. Over the years, Arthur Sarcione has gained a high reputation for integrity and success as Umpire and Referee in well over one hundred Appraisal and Reference proceedings.  Please contact Arthur directly if you are in need of an Appraiser, Referee, or Umpire.  Phone and email information is on our Contact Us page.

We pride ourselves for offering affordable yet high quality service no matter what size the loss.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions.